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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mr. President, please shut up and just heal us from the Obama years

National Review has a good deal to say about Mr. Trump. However his ineptitude has in no way made me miss the feckless, petulant Obama. TD

Stop Talking, President Trump  "The president is his own worst enemy — and he may well destroy his presidency if he doesn’t change. 

"The virulent antipathy President Trump inspires among his political foes and critics may well exceed that of any president in the history of our republic. But if there is anything to be learned from what has happened in the days since he fired FBI director James Comey, it is that there is no doubt that the name of the president’s worst enemy is Donald J. Trump. 

"Trump’s inability to stay on message was a serious problem throughout the 2016 campaign and has at times derailed his administration during his first 100-plus days in office. His early morning Twitter meltdowns, such as his ill-advised attack on a Gold Star family or his wild claim that President Obama had ordered the bugging of Trump Tower, set off media firestorms that dominated the news cycle and distracted the public from anything positive he might otherwise have been doing. Yet nothing he has done has been so counter-productive as the things he has said and tweeted since dispatching Comey earlier this week. In an act of almost unprecedented stupidity, Trump has singlehandedly elevated what might have been a momentary tempest into a full-blown hurricane of national outrage that has stopped the country in its tracks." . . .  Read more.

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino
On the Comey Firing, a Race to the Bottom  . . . "It is understandable that Democrats are screaming bloody murder about events of the last few days — certainly Republicans would be doing the same if a Democrat were in the White House and axed an FBI director the way Trump has. But the analogies to Watergate — ubiquitous in the media — are overwrought and obscure what the FBI’s investigation is about. This is worth explaining at some length." . . .

Trump’s Brand Is Crisis  
Trump doesn’t face crises so much as manufacture them. In a way he is the crisis, and his presidency is in danger of being defined not by any legislative or diplomatic achievement but by his handling of the multiplying and daunting obstacles he creates for himself.

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