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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is Trump Regretful?

Jonathan F. Keiler  "During the presidential campaign last year, it seemed at times that Donald Trump was as surprised as the governing and chattering classes when he surged to the lead in the Republican primaries and secured the nomination.  During and after the convention, it also appeared to some that Trump was not intent on winningthe election, given some of his actions and comments and the disarray of his election team, until Kellyanne Conway took over.  This even led to speculation by some that Trump was an agent of the Clintons, convinced to run in a devious plot hatched by Bill to destroy the Republican Party and throw the election to Hillary.

"Obviously, if there was such a plot, it failed hilariously and spectacularly, and only a conspiracy nut or a fool would hold to it today.  But there may be a kernel of truth behind the idea that Trump did not really want or expect the presidency, as opposed to launching another fun (for him), ego-stoking, and publicity-garnering, if quixotic, executive run.  Correspondingly, he might now regret the decision.

"Compared with most other candidates, or anybody else, for that matter, Trump had little to gain by becoming president.  He was already extremely famous, wealthy, and powerful.  In terms of day-to-day comfort and luxury, the White House was a come-down, and let's not even discuss Camp David.  Trump's preference for his Florida estate as opposed to the venerable presidential retreat is understandable, considering his circumstances. " . . .

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