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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Bill Clinton son story just won't go away

The American Mirror  "Danney Williams is who he says he is — at least according to Twitter.
"Twitter user Jack Posobiec notes the man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son by a black prostitute was just “verified” by the social network, something the former president has yet to do.
Snopes: Unproven  . . . "So, what’s the evidence before us?
1. We have the sudden revisiting, in the final weeks of  the 2016 presidential campaign, of a 1992 tabloid story claiming Bill Clinton had an illegitimate son by a prostitute — a story that all but disappeared in 1999 after it was reported that DNA testing failed to establish that Clinton was the father.
2. We have two social media accounts in Danney Williams’ name, neither more than a year old, describing him as “the son of the 42nd President of the United States — Bill Clinton.”
3. We have a plethora of head shots purporting to show a family resemblance between Clinton and Williams.
4. We have a frenetic, 11th-hour effort by partisan web sites — including Drudge Report, which in 1999 concluded that it had been “debunked and flunked by science” — to peddle the Clinton love child narrative to voters.
 If untrue, shame on those who outed this. This would be the same sleazy tactic the liberals would use. Of course, a DNA test would this all to rest.  Bill's behavior certainly makes this conceivable. Um, bad choice of words.  TD


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