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Saturday, June 24, 2017

ISIS female enforcer dubbed 'crocodile jaws' for biting women who break the terror group's 'modesty code' has her teeth smashed by vigilantes in Iraq

UK Daily Mail   "A woman working for ISIS known as 'crocodile jaws' has had her teeth shattered in a revenge attack after she bit hundreds of women deemed to be violating modesty laws.
"The woman was reportedly ambushed outside her house in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija, Kirkuk as revenge for biting more than 200 women.
"She was a 'biter' for ISIS's female vigilante division, tasked with savagely chomping on the hands of other women accused of disobeying the group's moral code.
" 'That woman had bitten more than 200 women. She is from Mosul and had worked with the group for three years,' Iraqi News quoted a source as saying." . . . 

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