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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Southwest L.A. loves 'Obama Boulevard' proposal but wonders: 'Why not a major street?'

LA Times

" 'Even though it runs through the heart of L.A’.s Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw neighborhood, most Angelenos would be hard pressed to locate Rodeo Road on a map.
"In fact, they’d probably point to its ritzy doppelganger — Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive — instead.
"That may change very soon, however.
"Residents here are cheering a proposal to rename the asphalt thoroughfare in honor of former President Obama, who visited here when he was a U.S. senator.
"The news that southwest L.A.'s Rodeo Road may soon be renamed “Obama Boulevard" was received positively by residents of the surrounding Crenshaw district.
" 'I'm so happy, that would be wonderful," said Robbi Work, 60.
"A retired former prosecutor, Work was even wearing a shirt emblazoned with the former president's face when she learned of the proposal to rename the road Obama Boulevard.
" 'They were wonderful, he and Michelle," Work said.
"The street, a 31/2-mile residential strip in a predominantly African American community, is flanked on both sides by squat one- and two-story houses and gated communities. The road is also home to Dorsey High School, Baldwin Hills Elementary school and Rancho Cienega Sports Center and Park — where Obama held a campaign rally when he was running for president." . . .

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