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Thursday, July 13, 2017

If regime change comes to Iran, it will be in spite of Obama, but I'm sure he will claim credit for it.

What a divergence from the actions of the feckless, mullah-pandering Obama who abandoned the Iranian people to the tender mercies of the religious Revolutionary Guards back in the Green Revolution.

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Iran regime change is in the making  "Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stressed in a recent congressional hearing that the U.S. should "work towards support of those elements inside Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government," signaling the overhaul needed in Washington's Iran policy.
"From Tehran's point of view, this was a completely unpleasant surprise, as the Trump administration unexpectedly placed its weight behind those seeking true and democratic change.
"Considering escalating public dissent and growing rifts in Iran's senior hierarchy, the international community should brace for a major impact in developments centered on Iran.
"Before and after the May 19 presidential "election," Iran's powder-keg society witnessed a major outbreak of protests, especially by investors placing their savings in institutions linked to the state and/or the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
. . . 
"Such an initiative also enjoys vast regional support, voiced also recently by a prominent Saudi figure.
. . . 
"Even a brief glance at ongoing developments emerging domestically and abroad for Iran provides convincing evidence that regime change is absolutely in the making in Tehran."

Why Obama Let Iran's Green Revolution Fail
"The president wanted a nuclear deal, not regime change." . . .

Report: Obama Ordered the CIA Not to Support Green Movement in Iran in 2009   . . . "The Green Movement, as it was called, struggled forward with mass demonstrations and civil disobedience while the nominal leaders of the uprising were systematically arrested, subjected to kangaroo courts, torture and imprisonment. The police and the Basij brutally suppressed the protesters using batons, pepper spray, axes, sticks and firearms. As many as 150 protesters were slaughtered that June.  The most widely known victim of the regime's brutality was innocent onlooker Neda Agha-Soltan, who was shot dead in the street during one of the massive protests. Her last moments were caught on a video that went viral around the world. The president's famous response? He went out for ice cream.

"Obama was handed a unique opportunity in history to be the sort of inspirational and transformative figure Ronald Reagan was for Eastern Europe before the Berlin Wall fell. All he had to do was say and do the right things to denounce the illegitimate Iranian government and stand with the people in the street.

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