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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Prior to funeral for slain officer, teen blared 'F**k tha Police' song from apartment

Rick Moran  "What posseses someone to deliberately try and hurt people who are already in mourning for a loved one or beloved colleague?

"A teen took the opportunity to blare N.W.A's protest song "F**k tha Police" from his upper floor apartment in a building next to the church where slain Officer Miosotis Familia's funeral was taking place. Officers were gathering on the street below when Julien Rodriguez put the song on repeat and blasted it out of his window.
"The kid apologized later - but only after the landlord threatened to evict him and his family.
. . . 
"No doubt the kid thought he'd be a hero to his neighbors and friends for taking the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter to heart and deliberately inflicting an emotional wound on the police and the family of the slain officer. And then to lie about the reason and offer a phony apology? He should be evicted and not allowed to live anywhere else in the city.
"Black Lives Matter leaders are being sued by a Baton Rouge police officer wounded during protests last year for "incitement." While we have to recognize an inherent right of free speech, we shouldn't have to put up with the kind of incendiary rhetoric from Black Lives Matter that leads to actions like that taken by the teenager whose "political statement" was so emotionally damaging to the police and the family of a slain officer." . . .

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