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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gun-grabbers exploiting children to capitalize on grief. News crew coached Dvid Hogg on his story

Soft Targets
Tony Branco
Thomas Lifson  . . . "It is a longstanding trick of the left to find people who are victims of something related to one of their causes and then proclaim "absolute moral authority" for the person who parrots the left's points.  See, for example, Cindy Sheehan.  And they hit the jackpot at MSD high school in the person of a student there named David Hogg.  CNN featured him a couple of days ago:"
. . . Hogg wasn't planted, but it looks to me as though he is a media-obsessed young man, seeking airtime now and a career in TV in the long run.  Big League Politics looked into his activist mother, Rebecca Boldrick, who apparently took him on a visit to CNN Headquarters, where he posed at an anchor desk:

Twitter discovered embarrassing video of him rehearsing his lines:

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