Sunday, April 26, 2015

It turns out the gridlock was all about Harry Reid

NY Post. . . "Here’s a story you haven’t seen for a while: Congress is working — well, sort of. Better than it had for the previous six years, anyway.

"The difference? Harry Reid is no longer running the Senate — and Republican Mitch McConnell has made the place far less dysfunctional.

"Just last week, the Senate cast breakthrough votes on a sex-trafficking bill and the confirmation of attorney-general nominee Loretta Lynch.

"The bipartisan trafficking bill was delayed awhile by Reid-style partisanship: Democrats held it up to score “War on Women” points over no-federal-funds-for-abortion language that’s been routine in such legislation for decades.

"McConnell broke that logjam by refusing to allow a vote on Lynch until Democrats quit playing games.

"Meanwhile, members of both parties are cooperating, particularly on the committee level' . ..

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