Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where the Left and Islam Intersect


 American Thinker..."Curious how the godless left and Islam share a critical aim.  They both wish to subjugate infidels, though how infidel is defined differs.  But who the infidels are isn’t.  We are, of course, the infidels.  We of western virtues and values.  We who hold to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We’re obstacles to glorious futures for both.  Both want us consigned to dhimmitude.  Yes, dhimmitude.  That’s second class status, with tribute being paid for the privilege. 
Marked differences and tensions exist between the left and Islam, to be sure.  But is the left using Islam for its ends, and Islam -- for the time being -- willingly being used?   

"Wrote Stephen Schwartz for First Things in February of this year: . . . " Read more:


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