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Monday, May 23, 2016

Any Way The Wind Blows


. . . "Obama hosted his final White House Science Fair (from which the priceless picture above was taken) and used the opportunity to form a Kids Advisory Science Committee to help him come up with ways to curtail climate change and cure cancer. A funny idea, right? Right...?

"Only we couldn't bring ourselves to joke about it (although we were itching to drag out our old "Ahmed the Clockmaker" material). Because unlike Obama's legacy, which will bring nothing but grief, these math and science-oriented kids really will be the ones working to invent solutions for the world's many challenges.  And despite Hope n' Change's usually cynical attitude, that's something we actually believe is worth celebrating.

"Plus, it's refreshing to see the president turning his interest to what goes on in school classrooms rather than school bathrooms. Too bad it's taken 8 years for him to do so."


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