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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why was news just leaked that Huma Abedin was questioned by FBI a month ago?

"There is some reason to believe that the anonymous “officials” leaking the story are from the State Department, which has consistently spun in Hillary’s favor." . . .  

Thomas Lifson  "The Clinton spin machine went into high gear yesterday.  A series of leaks to the media cascaded out a day after Catherine Herridge of Fox News broke the story that Romanian hacker Guccifer told her that he had easily been able to hack into her private email server, and browse through the emails that we now know contained material of the highest classification.  Notably, NBC News had access to this information earlier, but sat on it for weeks, leaving the scoop to Fox News, which is bizarre behavior for a purported news organization.  But then again, other mainstream media largely have ignored the Fox scoop. 

"But they are not ignoring the leaks about Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, being grilled by the FBI for two hours a month ago.  Other Clinton aides, reportedly, also have been interviewed.  Who is doing the leaking and why now are two important questions.  My gut tells me that we are being played, that it is the Clinton camp spinning the arrival of bad news via anonymous sources. "
. . . 
"While I have little confidence in the Justice Department when it comes to acting on whatever information is developed by the FBI in its investigations, I take the timing and nature of the spin effort underway as a signal that the Clinton camp realizes that some bad news is coming the way of Hillary.  I am not alone in my suspicions."

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