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Thursday, June 23, 2016

California's skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

The Mercury News

Faced with the exorbitant rising costs of Bay Area living, Priya Govindarajan and Ajay Patel pack up their apartment in San Francisco, Calif., Thursday

. . . "Skyrocketing costs for housing, food and gasoline, along with the area's insufferable gridlock, prompted the four-decade Bay Area resident to seek greener pastures -- 2,000 miles away in Ohio.
" 'It was a struggle in California," Eaton said. "It was a very difficult place to live. ... It's a vicious circle."

"Eaton is far from alone.

"A growing number of Bay Area residents -- besieged by home prices, worsening traffic, high taxes and a generally more expensive cost of living -- believe life would be better just about anywhere else but here.
. . . 
The good news for California:  . . . "The area's sizzling job market and robust economy have created a domino effect: income spikes for highly trained workers, more people packing the area's roads, red-hot demand for housing." . . .

But it comes with a caveat. The boom is in higher-paid jobs while the middle class is withering:  

"The region's middle class has shrunk, while the numbers of lower-income and higher-income households has grown," the report stated. Silicon Valley, for the purposes of the study, consists of Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and San Francisco."

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