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Friday, June 17, 2016

Look, We Shrunk the Presidency

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

The American Spectator  "No, no, no, you tiny little person. We don’t want you to just use the term radical Islam. We want you to close with radical Islam and destroy it. That’s the only way to make Americans safe. We have the military resources to do this. It would cost a lot to do it. It will cost more, in blood and gold, not to. And if you’d bother to read your job description, your Smallness, you would see that protecting America and Americans from threats, wherever they come from, is your first responsibility. A responsibility you are abdicating.
"Though the competition for the distinction is stiff, I’d have to say that this afternoon’s pathetic exercise in excuse making and whining, when resolve and action are called for, is the most dishonest speech Barack Obama has made in all his years at 1600. And the most cringe-inducing." . . .

Why Not Admit the Obvious: The President Won't Blame Them because He Agrees with Them  "We all know that Barack Obama was nominally a lawyer at some point in his past – not a good one, by anyone's account, but he was one.  Assume for the moment that Barack Obama had as his client The Muslim Brotherhood, or CAIR, or Hamas, or any one of dozens of organizations dedicated to taking down the United States.  Could he possibly have done a more effective job of hiding his client's actions or intentions while they went about conducting criminal operations unmolested as he has for seven years?  Could he have been more successful at misdirecting and obfuscating and lying about their intentions and deeds than he has already been?"
"People who recognize that we have seen increasing levels of terroristic violence across the country committed in the name of Islam by its perpetrators want the president to name the threat for the simple reason that his failure to do so, when viewed with all the other things he has done to protect and promote Islamists to weaken our military, our national government, and our security, tells them that he is in league with them and that he will not betray them while he repeatedly betrays us."
GUNS AND HOMOPHOBIA DON’T KILL PEOPLE, MUSLIM TERRORISTS DO  "Obama has shaken the hands of Muslim leaders who've killed more gay people than Omar Mateen."

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