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Friday, June 17, 2016

Ted Cruz Blasts Democrat ‘Political Gamesmanship’ in Wake of Orlando Terror Attack


Chris Pandolfo  “ 'This week played out all too predictably.” Cruz said. He blasted Democrats for shifting to gun-control and in particular characterized Senator Chris Murphy’s (F, 8%) filibuster as “a political show on the Senate floor.”

“ 'This is political distraction; this is political gamesmanship.” Cruz said. “And I think the American people find it ridiculous … this is not a gun-control issue. This is a terrorism issue.”

“ 'You don’t defeat terrorism by taking away guns,” he added later, “you defeat terrorism by using guns.”

Fighting Terror with Stupidity   . . . "Over and over again, news outlets uncritically reported on the “common-sense” effort to implement more stringent background checks and get rid of automatic weapons, AR-15s, and other “assault” weapons. Well, automatic weapons — i.e., machine guns — are already essentially banned for civilians. And the weapon used in Orlando wasn’t an assault weapon or an AR-15. As for background checks, they already exist." Jonah Goldberg

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