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Friday, June 17, 2016

Some feminist doesn’t feel bad that a child was killed by an alligator because…white privilege?

Hot Air  "I’m going to say that this is just a bad joke, or bad trolling, because I cannot believe there is someone this unhinged in reaction to the death of a two-year-old. An unnamed feminist literally doesn’t feel bad that a small child was killed by an alligator attack at Disney World’s Seven Seas Lagoon because the family is white—so this obviously is the right time to discuss white privilege, right? Nope. Sorry, I don’t do drugs, but I seriously think this has to be a very, very, very bad joke. I could be wrong—and the progressive left has entered a new evolution of idiocy and insanity (it wouldn’t shock me)."

"The Twitter account of this person, who is despicable, has gone into the bunker, deleted for now—but screenshots were taken. Here’s what “Brienne of Snarth,” who tweets under the handle @femme_esq, said thanks to Heat Street:" . . .  Language advisory

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