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Thursday, June 16, 2016


PowerLine  "Donald Trump has been excoriated by the Washington Post and other leftist organs for saying that when it comes to President Obama’s weak and ineffectual anti-terrorism policy, “there’s something going on.” Something clearly is, not just with anti-terrorism policy, but with most of the administration’s foreign and national security policy.

"Obama won’t utter the words radical Islamic terror (or similar locutions), as even Hillary Clinton has. Obama runs the perverse “Countering Violent Extremism” program. Obama has enormously enriched Iran, our worst and most threatening enemy among foreign states. Obama has cozied up to Cuba, our worst enemy in this Hemisphere, without obtaining any meaningful concessions. Obama has been belligerent towards Israel, our best friend in the Middle East.
"Obama overthrew a Libyan government that had tried to align itself with the U.S. and he did nothing to stop that state’s descent into dangerous instability following the overthrow. Obama backed an unpopular Muslim Brotherhood controlled government in Egypt and was outraged when that government was overthrown and replaced by one sympathetic to the U.S. and its interests.
" Other administrations might have adopted one or two of these policies. But Obama indulged in all of these oddities, and more." . . .
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