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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hillary: The press defends the indefensible

“You even went as far as to blame Hillary Clinton. We now know in the last 24 days [hours] it was a mistake on the part of a speech writer....So when you said, ‘When Hillary Clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy that person,’ would you offer Secretary Clinton an apology for blaming her?”

Hillary Clinton Nurse Ratched

. . . "Heaven forbid Hillary is President and Boris has to deal with her. I mean, it’s not like she holds a grudge or is vindictive or anything. Or, as Boris described it in the 2007 column:
To ask the reader to support Hillary means asking you to forget all those worrying allegations that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard used to report so brilliantly in these pages: the funny goings-on with the White House travel office, the anomalies in the position of poor Vince Foster’s gun, the curious business of the drug-runners at the Rena airfield and the Whitewater real estate imbroglio.
How could I possibly emit the merest peep of support for a woman who seems to have acted out the role of First Lady, from 1993 to 2000, like a mixture between Cherie Blair and Lady Macbeth, stamping her heel, bawling out subordinates and frisbeeing ashtrays at her erring husband?
Media Ignore Clinton Sex Victims, Salivate Over Ailes Claims  . . . "The same news media has largely ignored the newly relevant and far more serious story of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assault victims and those same victims’ similar tales of being intimidated and harassed, they say, at Hillary Clinton’s direction.
"The issue of the Clintons’ alleged war on women should be front and center, especially among so-called progressives." . . .
This GQ Writer’s Sick, Violent Response To The Benghazi Victim’s Mother Is Indefensible  "If you really want to be more than just outraged about this kind of indefensible language, then I encourage you to write the editor in chief of GQ, and let him know just how you feel. You can follow the link to do that here."


In case you missed this: Chris Christie Prosecutes Hillary Clinton on the RNC Floor  "The former prosecutor moved like a current prosecutor, laying out the case against Hillary and asking the audience to judge "guilty or not guilty?" Each time, the audience gave the same response."
. . . 
"Christie's speech was articulate, disciplined, newsworthy — maybe even masterful. The New Jersey governor reminded the GOP of his fundamental role, the attack dog. In an election pitting two of the least liked nominees in history against one another, can you ever have enough of them?"

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