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Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence and Identity: What Israel Knows, Europe Has Forgotten, and America May Yet Remember

Lady Lib

Abe Katsman   "The Fourth of July is beautiful.  Independence Day marks arguably the most consequential positive political event in history and deserves every bit of the enthusiastic celebration with which it is observed.  Yet the day goes by insufficiently appreciated by so many – a symptom of the erosion of our American identity. 

"For some perspective, let's start by looking at Memorial Day.  In Israel.
Israel.  Yom Hazikaron (Israel's Day of Remembrance) is ushered in by a wailing siren.  Everyone – even drivers on the freeways – stops in his tracks for a minute of mournful silence.  The somber mood of the day is everywhere: no hot dogs or barbecues; no sales at the malls.  No rock music on the radio; no Friends reruns or light entertainment on TV – just reflective songs, unvarnished war documentaries, heart-piercing interviews with families of fallen soldiers, and coverage of countless memorial ceremonies at the nation's cemeteries.  It is a poignant day, dripping with tragedy, loss, sacrifice, and suffering – but also with heroism, pride, honor, and gratitude.
"Does that sound like your Memorial Day?" . . .
Why this year you must REFUSE to celebrate “the 4th of July”


. . . "We live in a nation wherein our leadership just changed the Oath of Allegiance (legal) immigrants to our nation must take so as to exclude the former requirement to pledge to defend America. We live in a nation where our leader, the President of the United States of America, while standing on foreign soil, apologizes for our nation’s behavior and calls America “arrogant.”

"Where our countrymen plea for assistance to our leaders to come save their lives but instead are left to fend for themselves and perish.

"We are currently being led by individuals for whom our sense of national pride is foolishness and the acknowledgement of American exceptionalism is viewed as a delusion of imperialistic grandeur. “How dare we think we’re better than anybody else?!”

"Well you know what? We are." . . .


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