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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Real Story Behind The Clinton-Lynch Meeting

"By not recusing herself, she remains in control and is letting us know that a deal has been cut between her and the Clintons...a Supreme Court nominations perhaps, a position as dean at a major law school, or simply cold cash. It could be anything."

"Here's the narrative we're being expected to believe...Bill Clinton and Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch just happened to run into each other at the Phoenix Arizona airport and had a friendly little chat for 30 or 40 minutes on AG Lynch's private plane about golf and grand kids.

"That didn't pass the smell test with anyone but the most gullible true believers. For one thing, anyone familiar with the security arrangement involved in this sort of thing for ex-presidents and a standing Attorney General knows that this kind of meeting is arranged far in advance. Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch may want the peasants disarmed and helpless, but they have 24-7 well armed security provided for them by the taxpayers wherever they go and whatever they do. Not only that, but even for private planes takeoff has to be coordinated and scheduled with the airport and kept to that schedule unless there's a major emergency or maintenance issue.

"And it's also obvious that the agenda for this meeting was also planned in advance. Chatting about grand kids and golf doesn't take 30 or 40 minutes.And heart patients usually don't subject themselves to triple digit temperatures by choice unless it's something vital." . . .

. . . "Yes, you got that right. We're not just talking about Mrs. Clinton. The head of America's Department of Justice, the chief law enforcement officer in the nation met secretly with bill Clinton, whose also under investigation by the FBI." . . .

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