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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Political correctness and the decline of science

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air  "Here’s quick pop quiz for you… which US political party is “The Party of Science” today? I’d be willing to bet that nearly everyone had an answer at the ready and half of you disagreed with the other half. (Assuming a readership which matches the generic national political profile.) Rather than the usual finger pointing, perhaps this is an opportunity to ask ourselves if politics is simply ruining science. And if so, that’s a disastrous shame because we used to be really good at science in the United States.
"Alex Berezow at the American Council on Science and Health has a great essay for your Friday reading on precisely this subject. Rather then getting bogged down on who is right and who is wrong on political debate stages – particularly on climate change – he focuses on how much we may be poisoning the well of learning through political maneuvering.". . . 

Rick Moran: More climate change decrees coming  "President Obama's carbon emission regulations are still in court and will be for several years. But that hasn't stopped the president from getting ready to propose new regulations to combat his notion of "climate change" - even if some of them apparently have little to do with global warming."

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