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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The riots in Watts, er..Baltimore, Ferguson... oh, Milwaukee, yeah, Milwaukee this time

"In one of the videos below, you can hear one loon explain that rich people aren’t giving them money so they burn their own neighborhoods."
Black Lives Matter Begins Urban Renewal in Milwaukee  
The city was burned and businesses looted over this guy:

We await Hillary, Obama and Democrats' remarks on this.
"And, of course, as anyone who follows the data knows, the assertions made by leftists from Barack Obama to the Justice Department on down that police harass or over-police blacks always — always — fail to take into account the massive difference in the crime rates between black and white communities."
. . . "When it comes to the problems of black Americans, the left outdoes itself in the art of deception. Virtually every assertion of the violent Black Lives Matter hate movement is a falsehood. Even the name of this vicious collection of groups is offensive. When challenged by those who respond with "All Lives Matter," the BLM people thug-splain that what they really meant was "Black Lives Matter too." But this assumes that white people don't know this, that blacks in this country are treated as if their lives matter less than others.
"The facts tell a different story. In about 85% of crimes involving whites and blacks, blacks were the attackers, whites the victims. Racial hatred of whites is at least — at least — as virulent among blacks as racial hatred of whites is among blacks. Assertions that black people can't be racist are just more lies." . . .  Andrew Klavan.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requests mobilization of National Guard  "Protesters burned several stores, including the BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh, Jet Beauty at 35th and Fond du Lac, BMO Harris Bank at 36th and Fond du Lac, O’Reilly Auto Parts at Fond du Lac and Burleigh and MJM Liquor at Fond du Lac and North — and threw rocks at police on the city’s north side, leaving one officer injured and three protesters arrested. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said protesters had been using social media to draw more demonstrators."

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