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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Kenny Baker Quit Jack Benny

Image result for kenny baker jack benny photosTralfaz  "On June 18, 1939, singer Kenny Baker appeared on ‘The Jack Benny Program’ and to all the world it sounded like he would be with the rest of the cast the following week broadcasting from Waukegan, Illinois. He never made it. He was never part of Benny cast again (though he later made two guest appearances).

"So what happened?

"Benny fans have debated for years whether Baker was fired, whether he quit, whether he left on good terms or bad.

"It took Baker more than five years before he talked about it. And, even then, it seems pieces of the story are missing. Here’s a syndicated news article from 1944, at a time he was on Broadway and had shot a couple of films, including ‘Silver Skates.’ " . . .   Died 1985 in Solvang, CA

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