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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The racial grievance left’s crazy train picking up speed

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Richard F. Miniter   "A woman by the name of Nina Revoyr had an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday entitled “What’s missing when you hike the California backcountry? People of color.”  Here,  But it’s better entitled “Climbing Aboard The Crazy Train.”

"Because Nina believes (or says she believes) that one reason that “people of color” are not well represented in the hiking and camping community is that:
For many, the wilderness, historically, is dangerous territory. Escaped slaves passed through forests full of danger …
"Of course, a scholar might ask if anybody anywhere at any time in all the immense body of literature recording the black experience in America ever noted a tendency on the part of black parents to pass on a fear of the forests.

"But scholarship hasn’t very much attraction to race-baiters like Ms. Revoyr, who’ll seize upon any silliness to illustrate how steeped in hatred America is even to the point of reformulating Congressman Alcee Hastings’s wacko idea that national parks are racist because blacks were once lynched from trees and there are any number of trees in those parks (see the Frontpage Magazine article here).

"Or was she not race-baiting at all, and just having a bad day?  Let’s look."  . . . 

Image result for racial grievance cartoons

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