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Friday, September 16, 2016

The 'Deplorables' Are Teaching Trump How to Be President

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Roger L. Simon "It's been evident the last few weeks that Donald Trump seems to be hitting his stride as a presidential candidate, his speeches and off-the-cuff remarks sharp and on point without wandering into that hold-your-breath gaffeland that characterized his appearances for months.

"His new maturity is paying off in the polls, leaving the MSM and the NeverTrumpers holding their breaths as the gaffes are coming from the other side now, most notably Mrs. Clinton's characterization of millions of Americans as "deplorables," a statement she will never be able fully to take back, because it is so obviously what she believes." . . .
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. . . "Although Trump last February in one of his dopier loose moments bragged that his supporters would continue to back him even if he committed murder, he never quite grasped who those supporters were. He thought of them as his most slavishly devoted reality-show fans, certain to be with him for the next season or three. But in reality they were the people of the lost American heartland, physically and emotionally, yearning to heal their country and willing to overlook what they knew to be Donald's imperfections for a better good." . . . 

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