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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A tale of two police ambushes

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Rick Moran  "Two Boston police officers were gunned down by a suspect armed with an assault rifle and wearing body armor. The officers are in critical condition while 9 other officers were injured in a firefight that resulted in the death of the suspect.
"The circumstances of the ambush are eerily similar to the murder of two Palm Springs police officers last week."
. . . 
"In this case, the gunman, Kirk Figueroa, was a "constable" in Boston and owned a private security firm. He has a long history of experience in several areas of law enforcement, according to the website Heavy. He was in the military as late as 2011.
"Figueroa was black.
"Along with John Felix (race unknown, but non-white)), the two shootings strongly suggest hatred of police as a motivation. Two other police officers lost their lives earlier this month; one in St; Louis and another in Los Angeles county. All suspects except the shooter in LA county, were believed to have targeted police.
"This is the fruit of Black Lives Matter rhetoric which suggests police are terrorists and out to murder black men. Some members of BLM haven't been shy about advocating violence against officers. It is this sort of incendiary rhetoric that most affects those who are already violent and mentally unstable. 
"Chalk up two more casualties in BLM's war on the cops."
Yet despite these incidents we still find the left portraying BLM as noble, idealistic defenders of their cause with no sign of "kill the cops!" or "fry 'em like bacon!", to wit:
Image result for black lives matter cartoons

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