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Monday, October 3, 2016

It Finally Happened: Politics Has Ruined Everything Fun

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Peggy Ryan  "Not that long ago, I could get away from the dystopian news environment and relax.  I'd spend my weekends at the movies, chatting with friends over a latte or watching football on my oversized 4K TV, all things that bring a smile, take me away – just good old-fashioned fun.  But one after another, these treasured pastimes have become something else – a reminder of the dark times we live in, another forum for angry political discourse.  In their zeal to control every aspect of our lives, liberal activists have left no stone unturned."

. . . "Will Mickey Mouse boycott his own Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to make a statement for PETA on rodent rights?  I mean, the trap thing is pretty barbaric. 
"My worst nightmare is that Cinderella, Belle, Elsa, and other princesses could show up in pantsuits, no makeup or jewelry, and unwashed, limp hair, to show that princesses don't have to be dressed in elegant, sparkling gowns or be ethereal to play the part." . . . 

I hate to tell this author, but a recent Disney series has a teen-age bad girl whose last name is 

From 2008: “Law & Order” Quota: Show’s Producer Mandates 83% of Criminals Must Be White Rich People  . . . "My late father always hated when my mother would put “Law & Order” or one of its spin-offs on the TV. In addition to being a show that frequently vilifies Jews and conservative causes and people–such as evangelical Christians, pro-lifers, and the Minutemen–it mostly elevated Muslims and left-wingers, portraying them as victims and those wrongfully accused of crimes." . . .
Debbie Schlussel.

Image result for movie actors political activism cartoons

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