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Monday, November 7, 2016

Commentaries on the election

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino 
"Vote as if your right to live, to worship, to speak, and to ever be heard again, that is your right to be a free and independent American citizen, depends on this election, because it does."  Jeffrey T. Brown
At Risk Is Nothing Less Than the Right Ever to Resist Again  "We have witnessed a series of cultural storms over the last several decades, many of which have altered our landscape.  Most have been artificial storms, created and powered by an ideology that seeks complete control over this nation and its future, set in motion to create the chaos in which to implant "progress."  These storms have eradicated our family structures, our nation's history, our ethical standards, our moral standards, our legal frameworks, our borders, our Constitution, and our discourse.
"However, they have been mere precursors to the tsunami that Mrs. Clinton represents.  She is the culmination of socialist, fascist Progressivism.  She has come to complete the transformation, unless we stop her.  We will probably not get another chance." . . .
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Hillary Clinton Laughing Face the NationOperation Demoralize Is in Full Swing   . . . "I think Hillary is the favorite going into Election Day because the electoral map favors Democrats. But don’t think that the premature celebrations are honest or legitimate – they are just narratives intended to demoralize Trump voters."

Donna Brazile Sent Hillary Campaign MORE Townhall Questions  No outrage, none at all.
Brazile Wikileaks
More on this at the link.

George Stephanopoulos’s Wife: We’re Leaving America if Trump Wins

America's next boss? Hillary makes her final pitch to more than 33,000 in Pennsylvania along with Bill, Chelsea, the Obamas and Bruce Springsteen who urge the country to 'reject fear and choose hope' "‘This journey we’ve been on was never about the color of a president but the content of his or her character,’ Obama said."

NRO: "Why I Disagree with Most National Polls: My 2016 Final Predictions". . . "Most national polls suggest that the race is over, with Clinton headed to a firm win. I disagree. I think it is likelier that she will win, but she will do so very narrowly in both the Electoral College and in the popular vote. It won’t take much improvement over my final projections for Trump to pull this out narrowly, and I think it is likelier that he wins than that Clinton wins by 3 or more."

Jonah Goldberg: Predictions and the Test of Time
. . . "Hillary Clinton deserves to lose, and I don’t know a serious political observer who doesn’t think she’d be down double digits in the polls if she were running against a standard Republican."

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