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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ben Carson: Donald Trump’s New Deal for Black America Begins With a Good Education

"So today, rich Democrats get a $7,500 tax break when they buy a Tesla, a $100,000 luxury electric car. But a poor black child can’t get a $7,500 credit to go to a better school."
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Dr. Ben Carson  "Donald Trump often says things that many people believe to be true but dare not say.

"He did it again recently by saying that nobody needs to tell African Americans in this country that the old New Deal from the Democratic Party isn’t working for them. Trump made the simple but accurate observation that in election after election, Democratic Party leaders take African-American voters for granted, and year after year, the condition of black America gets worse.
"Trump is right: African Americans need a new deal from the next president. In a speech last month in Charlotte, N.C., Trump proposed just that, with clear policies for creating jobs, protecting our communities, making health care more affordable and renewing our urban areas.
"The foundation of Trump’s new deal for black America is education.
"Without a good education, it is very difficult to get a good job, support a family and have the sense of dignity that every American deserves." . .
. . .
"So today, as America prepares to vote, I want to pose a few questions to every African-American parent and grandparent in the country about Trump’s new deal for black America, especially as it relates to education.
"I hope you will talk them over with your family and your neighbors:" . . .

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