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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dumbest article of the week

"Indoctrination and junk science are truly  dangerous to people’s freedoms." 
American Thinker
. . . "In the 1920’s the fear mongers were saying exactly what they are today and yet the Earth cooled and the ice came back. The Earth cooled so much from 1945 to 1976 that the “experts” started scaring the people about a coming ice age. Then they switched again to the threat of warming. It is all garbage." . . .
. . . 
Image result for climate change scare cartoons

"Who determined what the temperature and sea level should be since they have always changed? Isn’t it true arrogance for politicians to believe they can set policies that can control temperatures and sea levels hundreds of years out? President Obama and Hillary can’t even figure out how to comply with simple national security laws but yet they say they can control temperatures. Amazing! What is more amazing is that reporters believe them.
"Taking trillions of dollars from the public to give to the ever powerful and greedy government truly harms the poor and middle class throughout the world, people the Democrats, the media and Hollywood pretend to care about. We should never destroy industries and products that have greatly improved the quality and length of life for everyone based on inaccurate, manipulated computer models."

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