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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Obama claims pride in his anti- terrorism efforts over the last eight years

Obama praises Obama's policies for 'breaking the back' of terrorism
. . . "This certainly isn't the first time he has said this.  In 2012, before the election, Obama repeatedly said the terrorist groups were decimated and on the run. (Of course, most of the media went along.)
"The obvious reason why the narcissist* Obama is out there repeating the same garbage he said four years ago is because Trump is taking too much attention away from him. " . . .
*He of the 2008 Greek columns in Denver's stadium

Many troops cannot seem to appreciate Obama's performance during final national security speech   "President Obama received tepid applause from troops in Tampa, Florida during his last nation security speech as president.
"Obama made the eyebrow-raising declaration that, “We should take great pride in the progress we’ve made over the last eight years. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.' ”

. . . As mild applause broke out, the cameras cut to the audience.
"Of the roughly 20 service members shown at MacDill Air Force Base, only three were clapping.
Most sat with their hands folded or motionless. One man rubbed his eyes.
"Most didn’t applaud likely because they remembered attacks being carried out in San Bernardino, California, and Orlando, Florida by jihadis vowing allegiance to ISIS.
"And they likely remembered, too, ISIS claiming credit for the attack on Ohio State University by a Somali “refugee.' ” . . .
Here Is Your Complete List Of Islamic Terror Attacks During The Obama Administration as of March 22, 2016

The Islamic "deadly terror attack in Brussels, Belgium was yet another Islamic terror attack that has occurred during President Barack Obama's administration. Obama's weakness on the world stage and failure to even utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism" has emboldened the Islamic jihadist movement and has caused their evil expansion and growth. Here is the complete list of Islamic terror attacks that have occurred under Obama's watch."

. . . Hallelujah, and let’s all go to the ballgame.

"Why would we expect anything more from the president who spent yesterday posing in front of a mural of communist terrorist Che Guevara, a man who advocated that Cuba nuke the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and who planned a prospective November 1962 terrorist attack involving bombing Macy’s Gimbels, Bloomingdale’s and Grand Central Station the day after Thanksgiving? . . .
"Why would we expect anything more from the man who signed the Iran deal that forwarded a terror state’s nuclear ambitions? Why would we expect anything more from the man who has allowed ISIS to rise from “jayvee team” to scourge of the West?" . . .

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