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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Trump and Churchill. Oh, and Obama

Derrick Wilburn  "For all his pre-election talk about restoring America’s standing in the world, international respect is an(other) area in which Barack Obama has failed.
"It’s clear enemies think he’s a powderpuff (North Korea test-firing missiles, Syria’s Assad laughing at “red lines”) and our allies – let’s just say they aren’t bubbling over with respect for the man.
"Highest on the list of less-than-impressed allies is England. From the Queen handing Obama a very public, highly embarrassing smack-down by letting him know his overly-pompous, six-helicopter caravan is no longer welcomed at her home, to British citizens filing excessive noise complaints over his visits, it’s safe to say there’s little love lost between B.O. and the Brits.
"The final straw in the destruction of the relationship may have come whenObama threatened the British people prior to the Brexit vote. Injecting himself into the self-governing decisions of a sovereign nation was widely disapprovedof.
"But the first straw came back in 2009 during his first weeks in office.
"Following the 9/11 terrorist attack on America, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair presented President George W. Bush with a bronze bust of the UK’s famed and beloved World War II leader, Sir Winston Churchill. Bush placed the bust in the Oval Office where it remained until Obama took over. Then, claiming that the Oval Office was looking too cluttered, Obama promptly sent the bust back." . . .

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