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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

UPDATED- Exposed as a hoax: "Ads in two dozen cities offer protesters up to $2,500 to agitate at Trump inaugural

UPDATE:  Ronbo at Freedom Fighters Journal notified us that this Hoax was exposed by Tucker Carlson on Fox:
Tucker Carlson Exposes Hoaxer Who Offered To Pay Protesters $2500 A Month (VIDEO)  "The two men had a highly entertaining back and forth exchange on the program, below is a small excerpt from the video.
"Tucker Carlson: “So um this is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies. This is a hoax! Let me start at the beginning, however with your name, Dom Tullipso which is not your real name. It’s a fake name. We ran you through law enforcement level background checks and that name does not exist so let’s start out with the truth. Tell me what your real name is." . . .

Washington Times  (Video at the link)  "Demand Protest ads running seek operatives to “send a strong message” at presidential inauguration"

James Longstreet: Disrupting the disruptors  ". . . Those who rely on the law to be enforced must be satisfied.  The thwarting of disrupters posing as demonstrators must not be from the opposing side, for that will lead to anarchy.  Instead, it must be from the enforcement of the law.  Perhaps the future will hold to this promise, to a greater degree, than what we have witnessed in the past eight years."

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