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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How the left's tactic of mass hysteria against Trump is playing out with the general public

How is the left's campaign to convince large numbers of people that their freedoms, even their lives are in danger going?  Not bad at all.
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Rick Moran  "Donald Trump has yet to be inaugurated, he has yet to make any specific proposals for legislation, has yet to issue any executive orders, and has yet to even comment on many of the cultural issues that divide America.

"But that lack of specificity has played directly into the hands of his opponents on the left. Into the void, the left has substituted mass hysteria about what Trumpmight do rather than reasoned argument against the positions he took during the campaign.
" 'As a political tactic, generating mass hysteria against an opponent has been wildly successful in history. The two largest purveyors of mass hysteria - Nazi Germany and Communist Russia - used the ploy to convince large majorities of their populations of a clear and present danger in society, be it the Jews or "counterrevolutionaries." In this, they were ably aided by a captive media, where the state controlled all information disseminated to the public.
"The left in America doesn't have that luxury - at least, not officially. But there is little doubt that their attempts to massively exaggerate the danger of a Trump presidency to certain minority groups has found a mainstream media compliant, even eager in their efforts to conciously aid in spreading propaganda, hyperbole, even lies in the cause of opposing Trump." . . .

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