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Friday, January 6, 2017

Greek columns, heavy use of personal pronouns, millions of sycophants (which include Mr. Obama himself), awarding himself a medal is the logical next step. I haven't seen a man this unfazed by his own bumbling and ineptitude since Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau.
Snopes strongly disagrees with me.

Medal for self

Reprise. From Thomas Lifson: Obama grotesquely had himself awarded a Defense Dept. medal yesterday   . . . "His appointee and subordinate Ash Carter yesterday pinned a military medal  the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service  on his boss, as Warner Todd Huston reported for Breitbart." . . .
Many commenters on Knoller’s Twitter feed were incredulous at the award. Some likened the award to a much maligned “participation medal” and others were skeptical of Obama’s underling giving his own boss a medal.
so Carter whom was picked for Secretary of Defense by Obama gives him an award! I wonder who's idea that was EGO & CHIEF?
Snopes tells us Presidents Bush and Clinton received the same honor.  . . . "This is the highest honorary award presented by the Secretary of Defense to non-career Federal employees, private citizens, and foreign nationals. The Secretary of Defense is the approval authority. This award consists of a gold medal, a miniature medal, a rosette, and a citation signed by the Secretary of Defense. An individual may receive this award more than once. Subsequent awards consist of the foregoing recognition devices and a bronze, silver, or gold palm, as appropriate. 
"Although the Department of Defense (DoD) is part of the executive branch, the President himself does not play a part in the nomination or approval process for recipients of the DoD's Medal for Distinguished Public Service:" . . . Yeah, right. 

The Politics Forums had some discussion on this:  . . . "Carter insisted that the medal was a token of appreciation for Obama’s service as commander in chief, the Associated Press reported.

"After spending the last few weeks throwing roadblocks in the path of President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team, Obama nonetheless claimed in his remarks to the members of the military in attendance that “We’ve got to make sure that during this transition period that there is a seamless passing of the baton, that there’s continuity.' ”

Obama awards medals to his celebrity friends.  Of course.

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