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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Obama: A Political Corpse

Mother: “I can’t understand why your father doesn’t call.”
Me: “Mother, you know he’s been dead for eleven years.”
Mother: “Yes, I know that, but I still don’t understand why he hasn’t called.”
Me: “Dead men can’t call.”
(Brief pause)
Mother: “He could call collect.”

Clarice Feldman  "Obama’s political death -- the Russians have tagged him “a political corpse” -- is spurring him and his administration to deny it by undertaking a series of ever more outrageous acts to preserve what he considers his "legacy." Michael Walsh summed up Obama’s week: “Stab Israel, provoke Russia, grab land -- even the nuttiest Leftist has to admit Obama is out of control.”
"Obama hopes his party’s diminished power over his two terms will be without effect. President-Elect Trump and those who support him see it differently -- the corpse is spewing toxic pathogens, which will not survive a thorough cleansing.
"As a culmination of his eight years in office in which he was unsuccessful in persuading Israel to commit suicide by caving in to further Palestinian demands to give up yet more land for no peace or even a recognition of its right to exist, he manipulated a UN resolution which would have the same effect.
"Secretary of state Kerry followed up with an attempted justification of the betrayal of Israel in the UN. The speech was so outrageous that Britain and Australia rebuked it.  I Indeed, it was so bad that it resulted in a rare show of bipartisanship as leaders of both parties were critical of it: 
"In his remarks, he may finally have done what eight years of Obama’s anti-Israel acts have failed to do -- made clear the anti-Semitic basis of this animus, thereby  weaning  more Jews from the Democratic Party." . . .
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

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