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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kebab Riots in Poland

Baron Bodissey  "Last night, in the Polish town of Ełk, a young Pole made the mistake of throwing a firecracker in the vicinity of a culture-enriching restaurant known as “Prince Kebab”. The proprietors of the restaurant emerged from the premises, kebab knives in hand, and proceeded to stab the Polish malefactor to death. 

"Poland is not (yet) in thrall to the Great God of Multiculturalism to the extent that Germany and other Western European countries are, so local citizens gathered outside the restaurant in an angry crowd today. In the following videos you can see a memorial of lit candles in front of Prince Kebab — I didn’t notice any teddy bears or flowers — but you’ll also see some of the protesters break the windows and do other damage to the restaurant.  

"If such a crowd had assembled and acted out in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, or Sweden, the police would have been on them in a flash. Within two minutes the Boys in Blue would have been among them, nightsticks a-swingin’. In short order the holding cells at the local police station would have been full of bruised and morose Poles.

"But that didn’t happen in Ełk until several hours later. The following news report aired this evening on Polish TV. " . . .

The second and third videos require no subtitling. In each of them — recorded during daylight hours today — you can watch the same events from a different angle, as the plate glass windows are shattered while the crowd cheers:

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