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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Kind of Snowflake Are You?

"Under the guise of protecting them, these whores of diversity earn a living turning impressionable students into ideological weapons." . . . 
Mike Adams

What Kind of Snowflake Are You?

"Campuses all across America are being overrun by hordes of snowflakes that are simply emotionally incapable of functioning in a free and open marketplace of ideas. Some people blame the public school system or even the parents who raised the little snowflakes. I disagree and have decided it is best to blame the universities themselves. I arrived at this conclusion last fall after speaking with one of the skinny blonde chicks that had just gone through freshman orientation here at UNC-We Are Constantly Offended. Please go grab a beer unless you are below the age of 21 (or if you are a Baptist currently in the presence of other Baptists). I have a story I would like to share." 

"The aforementioned skinny blonde chick enrolled at UNCW after being urged to do so by her father who is an avid reader of my column. When she attended freshman orientation, she encountered three very interesting events that go a long way toward explaining why chronically offended adolescents overrun our campuses. The events follow in no particular order of absurdity:" . . .

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