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Monday, February 6, 2017

Cecile Richards Says Planned Parenthood, Which Spent $30 Million To Help Hillary, Is Non-Partisan

RedState  . . . "During the 2016 election season, Planned Parenthood spent millions in an effort to elect Democrats in general, and Hillary most of all. CBS News reported in October:
In the final stretch of a campaign that has seen a stream of disparaging language about women from the Republican nominee, Planned Parenthood Votes is launching what they say is their most robust get-out-the-vote effort in their history.
It’s no secret that Trump’s field operation pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s, but she also has the support of well-organized and data-rich outside groups like Planned Parenthood that have added to the pile on.
In all, Planned Parenthood has spent over $30 million to reach voters throughout this cycle with ads, direct mail, phone banks and one of the largest canvassing operations in the country, they say.
"Partisan? I think so. Cecile Richards will claim they’re not, though. She also claims abortion is women’s healthcare, so I wouldn’t take her word for…anything.
"This non-partisan talk from Richards is a far cry from the display she and other “nasty women” put on recently during the Women’s March." . . . 

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