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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Democrats are not done ruining the country: This is not your father’s Democrat Party

Israel National News  "This is really not your father’s Democratic Party. Joined at the hip, after last week’s roll call in Atlanta, are Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, two radicals chosen to lead the Party and the nation entirely leftward. Their constitution is not our Constitution and if they ever get in, prepare for an America favorable to Sharia law.  

"If at any time that crowd gets control of the White House, or Congress, forget Judeo/Christian values because they don’t like Christians and they don’t like Jews.

"We speak of Alan Dershowitz, of course, and many more like him. Can they really be so totally delusional and naïve?

"Standard-bearers for America and for Israel, is it time to panic? I think so, yes, and please don’t laugh.

"Yes I know that Trump is our President, which means we’re safe for now. Yes I know that the Democrats are outside looking in.

"But elections come and go and in a match race everything is possible.

Every election is a toss up and anything can happen, especially with millions of undocumented permanent tourists added to the polls.

"Even a foreigner, a man nobody knows, a man without credentials, a man sworn to convert the United States into a Socialist/Islamic Paradise, can become President.

"Barrack Hussein Obama was his name.

"So if a fluke like this can happen once, it can happen again, and there is nothing funny about this, but I do hear some Republicans chortling.

"Indeed, the Democratic Party lost tons of seats across the country, so now we hear some Conservative Republicans somewhat too confident and too self satisfied, as if it’s all over. No it isn’t.

"They’ll be back, these fanatical Progressives, invigorated by that scold Elizabeth Warren, and their plans are already in the works" . . .

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