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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Rampant Incivility of the Left

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Steve McCann  . . . "It is an admission that the Left knows it cannot compete in the larger arena of ideas.  They know the only means they have to accumulate power and win elections is by:

1) Destroying the opposition through vile personal attacks,

2) Organizing and pre-planning demonstrations to appear spontaneous,

3) Orchestrating occasional violence at marches to ensure media coverage,

4) Utilizing their allies in the mainstream media to propagate false and misleading stories, and

5) Accelerating the spread of outright socialist anti-American propaganda through their fellow travelers in the education and entertainment establishment. 

"These are, in fact, some of the same strategies utilized by the despots of recent history in their seizure of power.  If there is any group in the United States today that could be truthfully compared to the Fascists, it is the current iteration of the American Left.

"Recently a friend of mine in Israel, who as a child survived Auschwitz, passed away.  Last year we had a discussion about the worsening crisis in the Middle East and what it portends.  Among the points of conversation was the fact that mankind never learns one very important lesson from the past: a significant portion of the human race has an insatiable appetite for power and control and will do literally anything to achieve it.  The lessons of the 1930’s and 40’s will be lost in the mists of time if the people and events of those years continue to be diminished by exploiting them for meaningless political fodder and to vanquish one’s political foes as the contemptible Left, including Hollywood, is attempting to do today." . . .

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