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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Black victimhood: The club no one can join

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Daniel G. Jones  In 2015, a woman was fired from several positions because of her race. Liberals, whom you’d normally expect to be up in arms over this sort of injustice, were silent. The media gave the story wide coverage and, as is their habit in cases of racial discrimination, voiced a uniform opinion. Their opinion in this case was unusual: the woman deserved to be fired because she was the wrong race.

That woman was Rachel Dolezal, who lost her presidency of the Spokane branch of the NAACP, her chairpersonship of Spokane’s Police Ombudsman Commission, her teaching position at Eastern Washington University (she taught in the Africana Education program), and her freelance status as a contributor to Spokane’s The Inlander, when it was discovered that she was white. (She’d been outed by her white parents with whom she was estranged.)
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"Rachel Dolezal was guilty of victimhood appropriation. She had attempted to join the club of black privilege but -- like the lowly-born upstart who tried to gain membership into the English gentleman’s club of old -- she failed because she lacked the proper breeding. Recent reports describe her as unemployed, living on food stamps, and nearly homeless. As an English baron might have remarked, “Serves her right for putting on airs.' ”
"Victimhood appropriation"?

Image result for rachel dolezal cartoons

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