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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Somme then and now.. Amazing use of technology

YouTube  "This is my final film of the Battle of the Somme. My other two films, the Somme then and now parts 1 and 2 were just really test runs for this final film, filmed in full HD with many more locations. The name changes were due to Google messing up my accounts,, the other two films would have been removed ...this is my tribute.....The first three pieces of Music are by Ralph Vaughn Williams then Holts and finally Elgar please leave feed back and thank you for watching....We will remember them." . . .

  • "Holst: I Vow To Thee My Country" by The Coldstream Guards Band"

  • Becoming engrossed in this subject because of this piece of artistry, I had to explore further:

    "The fields around Beaumont-Hamel after the Battle of the Somme."
    By Ernest Brooks
    This area:

    Near the same region the allies traveled over in 1940 on their way to the Dunkirk evacuation

    Map of Beaumont Hamel & surrounding area

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