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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Democrats chomping at the bit to use "Trumpcare" going forward

Wait a minute here, if Republicans do anything - anything - to Obamacare, Democrats then declare it becomes "Trumpcare"; so by surrendering victory in Iraq and abandoning them is that now called "Obama's war"? 

Jump Ship

President Trump should go with his gut on Obamacare  "Before Donald Trump was inaugurated the 45th president of the United States, his initial gut instinct as a high-stakes deal-maker was to let Obamacare crash and burn on its own.  In early January, then-president-elect Trump said, "They [Democrats] own it right now.  So the easiest thing would be to let it implode in 2017, and believe me: we'd get pretty much whatever we wanted."
"And just yesterday, President Trump said the Republicans "are putting themselves in a very bad position" when it comes to repealing and replacing Obamacare." . . .

Obamacare civil war! Conservatives vs. the Old Guard  . . . "The only good news out of this is that the Democrats are too busy smashing themselves on the rocks of Russian conspiracy theories to do themselves any favors.  The Republicans had better wake up before the Democrats wake up first and figure out that truthful coverage of this internecine war will do the Democrats far more political good than spouting conspiracy theories." 

Photosnarks by the snark wizard Rich Terrell

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