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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Planned Parenthood VP Can’t Say If Abortion ‘Ends’ a Life

Newsbusters  “The majority of [Planned Parenthood's abortions] are after five-and-a-half weeks, that's the point at which the fetal heartbeat can be detected,” he said. “I'm just wondering, as someone who works there, what do you think of that? What is being aborted? If you can hear the heartbeat, what is that thing that's being aborted?” 

"Laguens waited for a moment before giving a non-answer.

“ 'Well, abortion is a right in this country. Women have their own views on whether or not they want to be pregnant,” she said. “That is not a viable fetus at five-and-a-half weeks, anyone knows that. And what you would do is make your own choice.” 
"But Tucker wanted to know what Laguens’ specific stance on abortion.
“[I]f you can hear the heartbeat of this thing, this fetus, what is it?” he asked again. “Is it just a piece of tissue or is it a separate human being?” 
"Laguens argued that abortion and life mean whatever an individual wants them to mean. Except if that individual is an unborn baby, that is.
“ 'I think that's up to each individual to decide what they believe,” she said, and tried to bridge into talking about cancer screenings and birth control." . . .

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