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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Get Back in the Kitchen and Bake Me Another Petition!

“I’ve never seen a bunch of poor, oppressed feminists board a leaky boat in Miami in order to paddle their way to freedom in Castro Cuba. But I do have a few friends in South Florida who escaped from communism. They still have their boats. We’d be proud to give these Marxist feminists a lift to Havana any time.”

Mike Adams

Get Back in the Kitchen and Bake Me Another Petition!

"Dear UNC President Spellings: I am writing today to express my disgust with you over recent remarks you made about me to a “progressive” newspaper reporter. As you will recall, some feminists had started a petition, which was seeking my termination from employment in the UNC system. In order to bolster their case, they included a number of remarks I had made on social media, which they deemed to be “sexist.” When the reporter asked you about the petition, you characterized my views as both “abhorrent” and as “hate speech.” I am writing today to provide a rebuttal to your comments, which I view as both abhorrent and hateful. Please allow me to back up my claims with evidence. 

"Put simply, Margaret, it was both hateful and abhorrent for you to characterize my views in such a negative manner based on just a few out­of­context quotes. Had you exercised more self­control than the unhinged feminists calling for my termination, you could have made a better judgment about the nature of my speech based on a larger sample. Today, I write to provide a few other samples of my speech upon which you could have made a more informed assessment. Although inspired by many, these quotes are all my own: " . . .

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