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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Male student kills himself after University of Texas officials destroy his reputation for no reason

The College Fix  "Gay student sexually harasses straight student. Gay student reports straight student as the sexual harasser. University repeatedly violates its own rules to find straight student guilty.
"Straight student kills himself days after learning his new disciplinary record could keep him out of grad school.

"This is the horrifying story told in a Title IX lawsuit against the University of Texas-Arlington by Wayne Klocke, the father of the student who killed himself, Thomas.
"As reported by Ashe Schow at Watchdog.org, Thomas Klocke never had a chance of beating the charges, because he was never afforded even the minimal due process that UTA promises students.
"It’s all the more outrageous given what Klocke was accused of doing, with no evidence: writing a gay slur on his computer in front of the gay student and allegedly telling him to consider killing himself.
"It would be UTA officials that repeatedly broke the university’s own rules – and weren’t even supposed to investigate sexual harassment – who drove Klocke to kill himself instead." . . .

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