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Sunday, April 30, 2017

‘We are not fake news,’ claims president of White House Correspondents Association: Two by Thomas Lifson

"There is a circling of the wagons going on here, pushing the media even farther into its self-destructive obsession with bringing down President Trump. The warning that the freedom of the press is under assault at home is fatuous. Has President Trump wiretapped reporters (and even their mothers!) the way that President Obama did? "

Thomas Lifson  "Richard Nixon’s famous claim, “I am not a crook,” now has fitting company in the realm of immortal, unconvincing denials. At last night’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner, the president of that body, Jeff Mason, the White House correspondent for Reuters, adopted a somber tone, the sort of sad seriousness found when a family member reveals that she has been diagnosed with cancer. The UKDM:" . . .

. . . "Face it: the media love to dish out criticism (especially of Trump, but any non-progressive will do), but they cannot stand it when the object of their scorn hits back with his own criticism of them. Trump has criticized the media, but so far as anyone knows, he has not abused the Espionage Act to spy on them, a truly alarming use of state power, as opposed to rhetoric. "

How Trump turned media’s hatred of him into an asset
Certainly they have done enough to make every newscast, written report, blog post or tweet a breathless condemnation of every step he takes. They are shocked at how unconventional he is, while people who voted for him are shocked the political class still doesn’t understand that’s exactly why they voted for him.

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