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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Retired British Colonel doesn't see war coming to North Korea

From the UK Sun: "This will not lead to a war"

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By Richard Kemp, retired British Army Colonel
I DON’T think this will amount to anything at all. North Korea knows it cannot possibly survive an attack by them against either the US or its allies.
Its dictator would not last long, so I think there is no chance that they would initiate any serious military action.
The Americans are not interested in conflict with them, so they will not initiate anything.
I also believe the Chinese are interested in calming the situation down.
I think the actions of Trump in Syria and Afghanistan, if anything, make conflict with North Korea less likely.
Both the strikes he ordered were legitimate and proportionate, and sent  a message around the world that you do not mess with America anymore.
They signalled that you may have been able to mess with America under Obama  — but you cannot do the same with Trump or you will suffer for it.
That deterrent is far more likely to prevent a conflict than provoke it. So I would say don’t worry  — there will not be a conflict between the US and North Korea.
The statement added: “The closer such big targets as nuclear powered aircraft carriers come (to the Korean peninsula), the greater would be the effect of merciless strikes.”
But talk of pre-emptive action against the rogue state continues to swirl as experts estimated the country would be able to hit Western targets within four years.
Former CIA officer Dennis Wilder told ABC Kim would be able to strike at both the US west coast and Australia very soon if he was able to keep developing his missiles.

Kim’s missile range and the size of his armed forces

Former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind claims American intelligence has foiled similar nuke tests."

If we can hack the launches, how about we blow them up on the launch pads? Rockets can be replaced, but the launch facilities would be a whole 'nuther thing. TD

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