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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Apparently not all in North Korea are robots

ISIS could take lessons on executions from the "little fat kid" Kim.
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Report: North Korea soldiers face punishment for Kim Jong Un jokes
. . . "News of cadres of the second army corps slandering Kim Jong Un reached all the way to the People's Army's General Political Bureau, and the arrested cadres are to be severely punished," the source said.
"The group had "compared Kim Jong Un to a kindergartner," a joke that began to spread covertly across the military unit, according to the source.
"Other soldiers referred to Kim as a mentally ill patient in their jokes, the source said.
"Kim is so unpopular among the cadres that another joke, suggesting the North Korean leader is more outrageous than his father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung combined, refers to him as "Kim squared." . . . 
"Kim is increasingly unpopular in the country.
"In December, anti-Kim propaganda leaflets that read, "Let us overthrow Kim Jong Un" were found in the city of Pochonbo." . . .

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